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Yener Torun was born in Turhal, Turkey, in 1982 and currently resides in Istanbul. He studied architecture at Istanbul Technical University. In 2014, he started a photography project on his Instagram account @cimkedi, focusing on lesser-known buildings and side streets of his adopted hometown. In recent years, his international following has grown, and major media outlets such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, CBS News, and El Pais Semanal have covered his work.
Yener's compositions typically flatten space and emphasize lines and colors over depth. He transforms the urban landscape by reinterpreting architecture as geometric abstraction, creating an alternate reality by removing architectural elements from their original environment and repurposing them.



ArtImage, Sao Paulo/Brazil, August 2016
Interval Arts Exhibition, Manchester/UK, August 2016
YellowKorner, Paris/France, November 2016

Mimarlar Derneği 1927 Exhibition, Ankara/Turkey, December 2016
Daydreams, AFSAD, Ankara/Turkey, April 2017
Collective Exhibition, Galerie Z22, Berlin/Germany, Jan 13 - Feb 17 2018
Zonamaco Foto 2018, Mexico City/Mexico,  August 22-26 2018

Fotofever Paris 2018, Paris/France, November 8-10 2018
Scope Miami 2018, Miami/Florida/USA,  December 4-9 2018

Scope New York 2019, New York/NY/USA, March 7-10
Fotofever Paris 2019, Paris/France, November 8-10 2019
Museum of Colors, Seoul/South Korea, Nov 28 2019- Mar 15 2020

Scope Miami 2019, Miami/Florida/USA, December 3-8 2019 
Museum of Colors 2, Seoul/South Korea Feb-August 2021
Museum of Colors 3, Seoul/South Korea December 2021-February 2024
Yener Torun Photography, portrait, profile photo, cimkedi

Photo Credit: Kıraç Tan Ecevit, 2016

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